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Thread: martial law?

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    martial law?

    a post on a camping website mentions martial law...
    that type comment isn't common there...
    but a few folks are discussing the possibility.

    this is the first i've heard of this idea.. guess i'm pretty naive...
    anyhow, about to google it and see what comes up!

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    Flynn just suggest that Trump should suspend constitution and declare martial law. For law abiding folks that wouldnt mean much at first. I aint giving up my guns and my LEO's in my area would not enforce it anyway. Would actually fight against it. What it would mean short and long term is broad sweeping curfews. Some people in the limelight have mentioned in no certain terms to:

    "Better to be safe than sorry.

    Make sure you have PLENTY of water, food, flashlights & batteries, candles, radio, 2nd Amendment supplies, & a plan to meet with leaders of your communities. - Lin Wood"

    Rumors are rumors... but if those in the know are mentioning it on twitter then it is at least being talked about in their circles. If TikTok is to be believed at all, then it is happening any day now and the Military is already in place and blah blah blah... I am prepped as good as I could afford. If it happens it happens. But if that does take place, expect a month long purge event. People you didnt know knew about your preps will be at your door. I have solar on the back of my house and 90 acres behind so I just bought some amazing blackout curtains. I **** my sons hunt with their battle rifles this season. Scar17 for the win!

    On a more serious note, I have a friend that was a chaplain for 3rd group out of bragg. Retired for a couple years now, but very much still involved. For many years during Obama administration the Green Berets were seeing the missions come up and thought...wtf. Truly they believed unofficially that they were trying to be run out of the Army or killed doing dumb stuff. Mostly being sent in on snatch and grabs, under resourced and outnumbered by a crap ton, in a location that NOBODY cares about. Protecting oil interests in Africa for instance. More recently, the GB's have done a lot of training events (not free mind you) around here in NC. I have been to 3 of them. The events are usually for a charity event where the money goes to some charity. But around Kentucky (FT Campbell and 5th group is there) there are a bunch of these going on as well. Now my friends tell me that I have a tin foil hat stapled to my head...but isnt that exactly what the GB's are trained to do. Go into a place with a bad gov, and train the local populace on how to overthrow that bad gov. You want something smashed and destroyed you send in the rangers or Marines, but the GB's have a diff mission. Can they smash and destroy...sure, but that isnt their focus and primary mission. So what I am saying is (and I could be totally wrong) I think it is entirely possible for Martial law to be carried out, and I think the military would definitely be on board.

    Now anyone that has been in the military will tell you...Will this be a done right...Probably not. But I dont think that martial law will be horrific in the countryside right away. They will going to the cities first and local authorities out in the country will have their small NG detachments and reserve units overseeing the Local LEO's. The other thought on this is to blockade the bigger cites and control the resources into the big cities. Control the food and medicine and you control the people. Either could happen. Or nothing could happen and a biden economy is just what the dr ordered.
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    Use of the insurrection act is needed AGAIN now!

    Otherwise we'll be witness to the DEATH of the REPUBLIC.

    There will never be any actual free honest elections again....ever.

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    Flynn's idea is basically to declare martial law, seize all the Dominion voting machines, and have the military conduct new elections in the contested states. That includes MI, WI, PA, GA, and AZ and may include NM, CO, NV, and who knows what else? It's also interesting that State stopped the Biden transition security briefings until January. I suspect this may be more due to what they've discovered about the Biden Crime Family than the "holiday break" being claimed. The only election fraud case that's docketed in SCOTUS is MI, and Sidney Powell has given the court hard proof of fraud including Dominion machines changing vote totals. This would likely apply at least to MI, PA, NV, AZ, and GA, where weird shifts were seen in the unobserved vote totals after the deadline to receive ballots.

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    Flynns idea is a great one. But I cannot imagine a scenario where the left stands by and lets them. UN blue helmets would be here in an instant, along with Chinese nationals (to help of course...for the children) to ensure a more "left" leaning result would be the endgame. Now that of course would cause a whole lot of mayhem on the bubba front. Cuz then it would look like wolverines vs Cubans in red dawn, but with a huge contingency of our military throttling the red guys into the stone age. People like us are gonna get a bird eye view and the great reset and it is exciting...and potentially terrifying at the same time.

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