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    iran s.n. attack u.s. embassy?

    maybe i read this wrong... but appears that iran shot missiles at u.s. embassy in baghdad.


    if so, we should be seeing news flash where we took out some major building in iran...or a military command post.... or better yet... somehow the command post blows up and we don't take credit.. we just sit quietly and let them wonder who hit the command post and assassinated some biggie.

    quiet message... don't cause trouble for us... loud message.... omg, that sure is horrible. wonder what happen? would you like for our investigative team to come in and investigate cause for you?

    then, a few days later, one of our embassy types could go over to some iranian consolate type over here and say,
    "sorry to hear about your biggie getting toasted and your military command post melting down with its 25 soldiers... we sure hope that doesn't happen to us... ? oh, and btw, would you tell your folks not to send any more missiles at our embassy. with a big poop eating smile and all kinds of formality, dog and pony show.

    they understand a big stick. they don't understand willie nilly.
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