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    2nd vaccination ..

    a close associate is ex military and still in good shape... got the virus... symptoms like a bad case of the flu.. stayed home. says he's 95% back to normal now.

    but hearing of this occurring pushed us over the hill to get the vaccine. this week we get our 2nd shot.
    long delays in our area. able to get our first shot in another county, and that's where we will go back in order to get 2nd.

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    Plenty of vaccines available in our county, but we've decided to forego getting vaccinated. Being retired, our public exposure is minimal and my health is excellent. My PCP made no recommendation, so I'll stick with my annual flu shot.

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    You know I was talking with the better half about whether or not to take the jab and was almost ready to capitulate when they offer it to my age group, but then I read the article below and decided to take my chances.

    After reading that article by Karl Denninger I remembered reading another article early on in the plandemic about a speech made by a chinese general years ago where he was saying how the chinese rightfully should have America because it was their birthright being the master race and all.

    He was envious of how much space we had and all of our natural resources even down to our forests because they have fouled their own country so badly.

    He went on to say that they didn't want to nuke us because then they couldn't just colonize America. He talked about how they were pursuing research like the Israelis were in biologic weapons that would target specific races of people so that they could use it on us, wipe us out and move into our country.

    I have decided I will not take the vaccine. Now I'm not criticizing anyone who chooses to take it, we all have free will and I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, I'm just stating my reason.

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    a risk .. either way..
    wife only had a sore shoulder on 1st shot..
    on 2nd, she was a little puny for 2-3 days...

    in the last week, we have heard of several folks that had little or no reaction to the first shot, but
    had to go bed or couch for 2-4 days following 2nd shot...

    long term consequences? still to be seen.

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    It's only the long term unknown problems of taking a thing that's not a vaccine but a genetic DNA modifier that doesn't make one immune to the virus but is touted as "reducing the symptom's" of the virus.

    It's effects are NOT reversible. Once your DNA is modified, it stays that way forever.

    Also, Fauci and company received payment for Modirna and nada's development of a "vaccine" for this virus in January, 2019. Simply must wonder about that.

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