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    collateral for us loans from china??

    reading a book "act of war" by brad thor..

    in the book, china is doing something? to initiate war and subsequent take over of the us... i'm still at early chapters..
    then the author explains (i hope falsely) that china typically requires collateral on its loans to other countries and the us had committed huge assets to secure these loans. and that this process was kept from congress and the u.s. citizens.

    my eyeballs about jumped out of my ole head... surely this is made up info to make the story interesting.

    so this morning, i'm googling, trying to learn that "it ain't so" but at the same time, i personally think that getting collateral is the proper thing to do!! i'm hoping one of you computer investigators can clarify..
    here's the best info i could find https://voxeu.org/article/china-s-ov...ry-debt-crisis

    "Second, the data show that China tends to lend at commercial terms, meaning that the average interest rates on China’s claims is close to those in private capital markets. Other official entities, such as the World Bank, typically lend at concessional or zero interest rates, and longer maturities. In addition, many Chinese loans are backed by collateral, meaning that debt repayments are secured by revenues, such as those coming from commodity exports."

    maybe your 3rd cousin works for the Fed ? and can share info?

    i asked an associate the above question... he considered then said that someone (not USA ) controlled several ports... possibly los angeles?!
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