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Thread: made in china!

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    made in china!

    associates are telling me...
    dollar will collapse... i ask for details and what will this mean to me... most don't know but making a statement like "oh yeah, the dollars going to collapse! and probably this year! smugly.... the best response to my question is - purchasing power will go down.
    talking with bride about what do we use that we don't have a supply of... the list got long... too long.. but
    one item that stood out was vitamins, so off to sam's and our favorite drug store... price checking... sam's much cheaper and they had larger containers.
    so, loaded up on various vitamins and supplements...
    then i noticed that one bottle said "product of china... bottled in u.s.a"

    and i kept checking... some containers had no info... many said product of china... a few said vague answers such as product sourced from many countries..

    i was surprised.

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    Yes, that is a surprise. I assumed that they were all products of Puerto Rico or Mexico. Not trying to be funny.

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