i haven't looked at land prices in a long time...
a relative's farm is coming up for sale. causing me to check prices..
i live in rural area... farming area... the story is that irrigated land has had a big jump
5,000 and more per acre... i checked several websites and very few listings...? surprising.
i could find very small farms and huge farms for sale.. very hard to find something comparable to relatives.
that farm is currently rented out...

what i did find was smaller plots that were still affordable to a lot of folks that may want to "get out of the city"
10 acres to 100 acres of mixed use. maybe have a pond... or on a creek for 2000 or close per acre.

inflation has not hit those properties yet...
one reason prices are jumping is i found land loans of 2.8%
but that offers some opportunities for someone to buy a small homestead and not break the bank...
but, i'll bet those listings are going to start disappearing.